CCCTU Annual Meeting

The Copper Country Chapter will hold its Annual Meeting on Wednesday, March 14, at 6:30 pm in Room 202 of the Great Lakes Research Center, Phoenix Drive, on the Michigan Tech waterfront. There is plenty of free parking in front of the building. We will elect directors and officers, and annual reports will be presented.

SPECIAL PRESENTATION at 7:00 pm: Presentation and panel discussion titled, "The Pilgrim River Project from Idea to Reality". The Pilgrim River Watershed Project has been a long, 12 year journey of collaboration, patience, and perseverance by many conservation partners. The Chapter is proud to have been a part of a project assuring that over 1,500 acres of prime forestland and four miles of the Pilgrim River will remain a thriving natural area to be enjoyed now and forever.

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Our Mission

“The purpose of the Chapter shall be to conserve, protect and restore cold-water fisheries and their watersheds in Michigan’s Western Upper Peninsula.”

VISION - CCCTU envisions coldwater sport fisheries of self-sustaining wild, native fish stocks prospering, in restored and maintained habitats within Western Upper Peninsula lakes and streams.


  • CCCTU will support scientific research of coldwater fish and their aquatic environments which focuses on the Lake Superior basin in general and Michigan's Western Upper Peninsula specifically.
  • CCCTU will undertake restoration and rehabilitation projects which repair, protect, and enhance trout habitat on inland lakes and streams of watersheds located in Michigan's Western Upper Peninsula.
  • CCCTU will support and conduct educational and informational outreach activities for its members and the general public so as to enhance their understanding and enjoyment of fishing, and the conservation of coldwater fisheries.
  • CCCTU will seek out partnerships with federal, state, local and tribal agencies as well as non-governmental organizations which can assist it in carrying out its mission.

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